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Yassen Hassan

Yassen Hassan

Hi and welcome to YHPhotography.co.uk, my name is Yassen Hassan and I am CEO and founder of  yhphotography.co.uk.

I started to take landscape photos with a Nikon D40 from 2006; from there I really started to enjoy taking selective landscape photos, In order to improve my photography skills and find that special moment. I came from an academic background in the field of Tourism, and it was there upon my Travels that I fell in love with the concept of landscape Photographic life and its beauty. Whilst travelling, there have been so many different aspects of artistry and its pulchritude, grace and picturesque accumulation of tranquillity to behold.

I travel to various locations, during contrasting seasonal periods, so I can pick up different moments and allurements of the same image. I love the aspect different photos can bring to any moment whilst at any location. Whilst you can learn a great deal from other photographers, I have learnt perhaps more from   studying my own work with a critical eye and a desire to improve.

I travel often and take mostly landscape shots, amongst others settings such as Wildlife and Opportunist moments. I enjoy displaying my work at various exhibitions and art festivals. I also do upon request photography for corporate events, weddings and in studio.

Most importantly I want to work hard, and continue to display my work, and all of its photographic beauty.

My photos can be colourful, very calm, peaceful, loud, and wild but always, I hope, creative. I like to show the absolute beauty in every image I take, I like to show what character, and beauty the world displays on a daily basis.

Thank You.